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From the Principal

From the Principal

From the Principal

It’s soon time to come back!

Welcome back to another school year at IES Älvsjö!

I hope that your summer holidays have been restful and relaxing and that you are all longing to come back to us.

We have an exciting year planned for you! This will be our first year of graduating Grade 9s, and we are really looking forward to our brand new Grade 4 students joining our family.

With two weeks to go, preparations are well underway.

See you all really soon!



School Blog



This sunny afternoon, 19th September 2018, the International English school in Älvsjö had its very first school jog.

The day started with the 7-9 grade students following their regular schedule until after lunch when they walked together to the Älvsjö woods.

Grade 9 Football

The boys took to the field for their first competitive games of the academic year 2018-19. With limited time to prepare and train, a squad of just thirteen boys travelled to Torvalla IP on October 9th.

Science Fair

Älvsjö held our inaugural Science Fair in May.  Students were tasked, in teams, with creating a question - something that they didn't know already, wanted to discover and would be able to test a hypothesis with. The level of work and 'good Science' was excellent. Tests ranged through all of the subject areas, Biology, Chemistry and Physics and some even branched into Social and Psychological experiments! 

We're hiring! Click here to learn more about jobs at IES.
We're hiring! Click here to learn more about jobs at IES.
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