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From the Principal

Reflections of the End of the Term

Where has the time gone! It is now the near the end of our first term in the 2018-2019 academic year.  It has been a year of change, a change in leadership and staff. What has not changed is our commitment to academic excellence, our rules and structure and our belief that every child can succeed. We are proud of the work our students have completed this term.  We are proud of the hard work our staff puts in every day to ensure all students can access the learning and enjoy challenge. We are proud of our first class of Year 9 students as they navigate the maze of final grades, national tests and gymnasium choices.

I am excited to be the leader of this organisation.  As a member of the management team since the beginning, I know the challenges we face and also the strengths we have.  I am originally from Wisconsin, USA but moved to the UK for my university education and teaching experience. My Swedish experience started at IES Karlstad and has continued to IES Älvsjö.  I am committed to ensuring that staff, students and guardians feel valued at IES Älvsjö. As we all know, our students can only be successful when we work together.

I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season.  We will say goodbye for the term on Tuesday, 18 December and we welcome our students back on Thursday, 10 January.


From the Principal

Open House

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! It was such a pleasure to meet all parents and students and to feel your energy and excitement for everything that is happening in the building.

Thank you for taking the time to come to our Open House.

Just a bit of practical information:

School will commence on August 18th at 10:00. This day will be approximately 2 hours long (10:00-12:00). On this day, students will be introduced to their classmates and mentors.

The students have a longer day on Friday August 19th, 9:00-14:00.

More information will be sent to you as the time for school-start approaches.

Have a wonderful summer!



From the Principal

Introduction Day a huge success

Thank you to all parents, students and teachers who made our very first Introduction Day a resounding success! It was certainly a pleasure to meet you all and to share our vision for IES Älvsjö.

The building is beginning to look and feel IES, as the contractors work diligently to ensure that our school is ready for August.

Feel free to check out our gallery for visual updates on the building.


Tack till alla föräldrar, elever, och lärare som gjorde vår första Introduktionsdag till en stor succé! Det var ett nöje att träffa er alla och att få möjlighet att dela vår vision av IES Älvsjö med er.

Byggnaden börjar allt mer se ut och kännas som IES och byggarbetarna arbetar för fullt för att se till att skolan är redo inför augusti.

Titta gärna i bildgalleriet för att se updateringar om byggnaden.

From the Principal

Some additional information

Hello parents and students!

IES Älvsjö will open its doors on August 18th, 2016 for 370 students. These students will be divided in the following manner:

Grade 4 - 4 classes (120 students)

Grade 5 - 3 classes (90 students)

Grade 6 - 3 classes (96 students)

Grade 7 - 2 classes (64 students)

Modern language will be taught at our school from Grade 7 and the language choices are going to be French and Spanish.

Lunch will be prepared on site, and the school will be equipped with woodwork and textiles rooms, along with a P.E. hall.

Junior Club (fritids) will be offered (at a cost) to students who attend grades 4 and 5 and will be open until 17:00 every day that the school is in session. Junior club is closed holidays and breaks (at Sport Break, November break etc).

The first round of intake is almost at a close. Please note that we send intake letters via post. When we come to your child's name in the queue we will send you notification via post. We encourage those of you who have been offered a place at the school to submit your responses as soon as possible.

More information will be posted here as the Spring term progresses.

From the Principal

Intake has begun!

So exciting that there are so many families interested in our school!

The intake process has now begun and the first round of acceptance letters have been sent out. What's next? Please respond as soon as possible if you have been offered a place. Further information will be sent out to all students who have been accepted to our school.

We have many qualified professionals who have applied to IES Älvsjö, and the interview process is underway.

There have been requests from parents and students to visit the school. This is not possible presently. The entire structure is a building-zone and a hazard to unauthorized personnel. We kindly ask for your understanding in this matter.

Monica and I are always available to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to contact us via telephone or email.

The countdown is on! In just over five months we will open our doors and welcome 370 students in!

From the Principal

On site

Cold outside, cold inside...that about sums up the temperature update for us at Älvsjö.

In spite of this, the transformation is taking place at a remarkable rate. While the builders meet, plan and work, I have been busy choosing colors, wallpaper and recruiting staff.

Our newest staff member, Monica Nydahl, started with me at the school last Monday, 15th February. Monica is the Administrator at the school, and has been with the company for a considerable number of years, both as a teacher and administrator staff. Together we have begun the planning process, and our first round of intake letters should be sent out within the coming two weeks.