Welcome to IES Älvsjö

  • Questions regarding the queue and how to apply, please contact: 

    Estelle Lundqvist, School Administrator

    Telephone: 073 1524882 



  • Report your child sick on your Guardian SchoolSoft account. For help with SchoolSoft, please contact: 

    Reception Office

    Telephone: 070 8743110 (7.15-17.00)



     Ms Jo , Receptionist (7:00-15:00)

     Telephone: 070 8742883 


  • Pick your child up at Junior Club, please call: 

    Reception Office

    Telephone: 070 8743110


  • Our address:

    Internationella Engelska Skolan i Älvsjö

    Armborstvägen 1

    125 44 Älvsjö

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