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(Photo) Älvsjö
(Photo) Älvsjö
(Photo) Älvsjö

Welcome to Internationella Engelska Skolan Älvsjö

A safe and calm environment where teachers can teach and students can learn.

(Photo) Älvsjö

School Blog

  • IES Älvsjo PTA - Sock Drive

    IES Älvsjo PTA - Sock Drive

    "Get that Christmas spirit going! Doing it once is an event. Do it twice, and it becomes a tradition!"

    Last year, the PTA initiated a charity project that encouraged families at IES Älvsjö to donate socks, that were then given to Stockholms ...Read more

  • Playback Theatre at IES Älvsjö

    Playback Theatre at IES Älvsjö

    During spring 2020 IES Älvsjö carried out a Skapande skola (Creative school) project in collaboration with Teater X ( In this project, our year 6 students were invited to reflect on the topic of social ...Read more

  • Halloween 2020 - Scary Story Contest

    Halloween 2020 - Scary Story Contest

    We have had a horror story writing competition. We received a lot of fantastic contributions! The winners are:

    Year 4 - Marlene, Vera, Bianca, Felicia
    Year 5 - Leo, Naomi, Nicole, Linnea
    Year 6 - Nisa, Audrey

    (Ms. Vidzem, ...Read more

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