Mr. Rodriguez

P.E Teacher
Physical Education

Born into a family of PE teachers, both dedicated one hundred percent to the practice and teaching of Martial Arts, I am a lucky practitioner of Karate Do for 25 years and working as an instructor for more than 12. I have had the fortune to train , teach and compete in karate in four different continents (including Okinawa, the birthplace of karate) and I can assure you that the most important thing to develop with physical activity and sports, are people with a good heart, strong and skilled minds with a deep sense of contribution to the environment in which they operate.

I deeply believe in the need for structure and order to achieve consistent and meaningful learning in students, from which I demand their maximum in the academic, social, and above all the human quality: to educate is to build better human beings.

With respect and much enthusiasm, I am already attentive to receive all students who require my support and help.