Student Work

Year 5 3D plant box

Students built their own 3D plant box using craft techniques (masking, carving, cut and paste) from a paperboard. They started with an initial idea, then used color pencils to add details and style. They developed their skills with different paper craft techniques, and learned how to construct a box from a paperboard. The final products looked amazing!

Year 4 Pop-up cards and books

Pop-up cards and books are fascinating. Students started with simple mechanisms and examined how different card mechanisms created different sorts of movement. The children worked in small groups, and each group made their own pop-up book. Students chose the audience and the content of their book.


Recycled Arts Project

Here are the latest project in Crafts lesson:

Utilizing recycled materials to gain an understanding of global awareness and create collaborative 3D art pieces. Giving the students an opportunity to engage and explore various subject matters within a creative process. These creative activities involve a natural development of thinking, feeling, sensation & intuition.

Creating and communicating by means of different forms of expression. Providing a comfortable place where the students have the opportunity of developing their ability to observe and reflect. 


Crafts lesson with 4D


Crafts lesson with 4D


Crafts project

Brochures for IES Älvsjö 2018-2019

The Year 4 students visited assigned rooms and areas in the school collecting information that would assist them in designing and creating their own I.E.S. ÄLVSJÖ brochures. They constructed descriptive sentences on their topics and in groups compiled their school brochures.


Class 4A :

Class 4B:

Class 4C:

Class 4D:

Brochures for IES Älvsjö

Our Year 4 students have been busy writing brochures for IES Älvsjö in their English lessons.  The students worked hard to develop their English vocabulary, discussion skills and understanding of structure in writing.  Well done!