Life at Älvsjö

Life is quite busy at IES Älvsjö. We have so much to look forward to this term!  All of our Year 4 students will be taking part in the Alla Snö, allowing them to cross country or downhill ski in Stockholm.   All of our students will be participating in the IES Älvsjö winter sports day.  Students made a selection of their favourite activites from a list.  Remember to wrap up tight!

Our first class of Year 9 students are busy preparing for their national tests and final grades.  They are also  in the process of making their gymnasium choices.   We look forward to what the future holds for them.

Year 8 students will complete their last week of PRAO.  It is a fun and exciting introduction to the real world of work.  Perhaps their 8.30 start times aren't that bad after all...