Life at Älvsjö

We have successfully completed our first year at IES Älvsjö and what a year it has been!

Thank you to all of the parents who took the time out of your busy schedules to attend our End of Term ceremony. We really appreciate your dedication and support.

Teachers have now all gone off on their well-deserved summer break and the administration staff will work for a few weeks more. Lots to prepare for the 225 new students that will be joining us in August!

We open two new floors in the autumn; the furniture company is working feverishly to deliver the last bits of furniture, and orders for textbooks and materials have already been placed.

We are so looking forward to meeting all the new students in August and welcoming back all of our current students from this past Academic Year. The school is so empty without you all.


In the meantime, while you bask in the sunshine and enjoy some much needed time off, please remember this:

You have BRAINS in your HEAD

You have FEET in your SHOES

You can STEER yourself any



Have a fun and enjoyable summer, and welcome back to us in August.