Junior Club infomation

Junior Club

What is Junior Club? Junior Club provides after school care for grades 4 and 5. It is a place where students can unwind after a long school day outside of the restrictions of the regular classroom. It is a place where students can explore their creativity whilst being provided with the opportunity to socialise with students from other classes.

What happens in Junior Club? At the start of each Junior Club day students are provided with an after school snack. They are then offered the chance to participate in a range of activities such as sports tournaments and games in the gym, drama workshop, arts and crafts, music and dance, baking, board games and various other organised activities that have been coordinated for each week.

The purpose of our Junior Club is to provide a wide range of activities and actively engage all the children in as many ways as we can and encourage fun and freedom with respect for other members of the club.

When are we open? Our Junior Club is open from the end of every school day until 17:00.  

(Junior Club is not open during mornings or non school days)

Pick up from Junior Club: The school’s main entrance will be used for guardians to pick up their children from Junior Club.

Daily procedure: To ensure their safety, ALL Junior Club members are required to sign in and out of Junior Club each and every day your child is in Junior Club. The purpose of this is that we must always know when your child has gone home. Therefore, if your child goes home directly after school and does not attend Junior Club on a certain day, we still require them to sign out on the sign out sheet and tell one of our staff before leaving the school. If your child is absent from school due to illness or other reasons, call in the morning and report your child sick to the school.  If you have organised for your child to go home with someone who is not specified on the online registration form, please send a message to the Junior Club staff with your child’s name along with the information of who will be picking up your child and at what time they will pick up your child.

What is the cost? 3200 SEK per school term / semester (Additional children from the same family will be charged 1600 SEK per semester)