When will IES Älvsjö open? 

The school opens its doors for the first time in August 2016.

Which year groups will the school have? 

Grade 4 - 4 classes (120 students)

Grade 5 - 3 classes (90 students)

Grade 6 - 3 classes (96 students)

Grade 7 - 2 classes (64 students)

Will there be a gym/PE hall at the school? 

Yes, the school has a fully functional gym/PE hall. 

Will the students have textiles and wood/metal work on their schedules? 

Yes, both subjects are taught from Grade 4 and we have both a textiles room and wood/metalwork room at the school. 

Will modern foreign languages be offered at the school and from which year group? 

Modern foreign languages is offered at IES Älvsjö from grade 7. The languages offered are French and Spanish.

Will lunch be provided at the school? 

Yes. Lunch is prepared at the school in our very own school kitchen. We have a wide variety of dishes to choose from, along with a salladbuffé and soup every day.

Is there an after-school club at IES Älvsjö? 

Yes, there is. It is called Junior Club. You can read more about this under School Life - Junior Club.

Does IES Älvsjö follow LGR11?

Yes, IES Älvsjö is a Swedish school. The difference between our school and other municipal schools is that our focus is on bilingualism. We follow the Swedish school system, however, mathematics, English and science are all taught in English.

Does sibling priority apply at IES Älvsjö?

Yes, sibling priority applies at our school, however it is only valid as long as one child is already attending our school when the second child starts. Sibling priority does not guarantee your second child a place at the school, but improves your chances of getting in.

What can we do if we have said NO to a place but have changed our minds?

If you are offered a place in our school but choose not to accept it then that place is automatically offered to another student, and is no longer available. You would then need to apply again to the queue and your queue placement would be determined by the second application date.

I no longer have my login. How do I change my application details?

It is essential that you keep your application up to date as we will use the contact information to send out information, including placement offers. If you do not have the right address registered then you not only risk missing a place in school, but also being deregistered from the queue.

Can I log on to change my details?

Yes, you can. 
When you did your application you should have received an email with the login information.
You can log on to change details such as your address, phone number etc, BUT not start year and grade. If so, you need to contact student administration.

Can I apply to more than one school?

Each IES school is independent and has an independent queue. If you are interested in a place in more than one school we recommend that you place your child/children in the queue for each school.

In the unlikely event that I wish to make a complaint, how do I do this?

As we work together to create a school environment that best suits the interests of our students and staff, it is essential that there is a close and trusting relationship between each school and its parents.  Where there is a complaint which the mentor teacher or Head of Department is unable to resolve, the next step is for the Academic Manager/Student Care Manager or Principal to look into the matter.  If a satisfactory solution cannot be reached within the school, complaints should then be addressed to the “Huvudman” - the organization behind the school - which is Internationella Engelska Skolan I Sverige AB. These complaints can be referred to our Academic Manager, Mr. Damian Brunker via e-mail damian.brunker@engelska.se or by letter to: Mr. Damian Brunker, Internationella Engelska Skolan, Huvudkontoret, Nytorpsvägen 5A, 183 71 Täby.  Any complaints will be investigated in a factual and objective manner after hearing from the school, parents and students involved.