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Christmas Card Competition

Christmas Card Competition

During week 48 our houses organised a Christmas card competition. There were many excellent entries and our house captains and vice captains had a really difficult time choosing a winner, so difficult that they chose two instead.

So congratulations to our winners Eva Löttiger (6A) and Majken Brorson Normark (4A).

Their design will be used for our school card which will be sent to all other IES schools within the organisation.

A big thank you to all of the students who took part in this fun competition.


Chess success for IESÄ students

Chess success for IESÄ students

During the weekend of 8/9 October two of our student took home medals from the Swedish national chess championships in Lindesberg. Hampus Sörensen (7B) came third in his category, whilst Felix Ytterberg (6C) was runner-up. A great achievement when you consider they were competing against the best chess players from the whole of Sweden. Well done!

Here are some facts about our chess masters:

How long have you been playing chess?

  • Felix - 6 years
  • Hampus - 3 years

How often do you play chess?

  • Felix - every day
  • Hampus - every day

What is the attraction with playing chess?

  • Felix - It’s strategic and I find it interesting.
  • Hampus - It’s strategic and I like to out-think my opponent

Do you have any tips for beginners?

  • Felix - Join a chess club
  • Hampus - Play as much as possible

Are you better at chess than your parents?

  • Felix - Yes (after a slight pause for thought)
  • Hampus - Yes absolutely (no pause)

House system

House system
Our school house system is now up and running, names have been decided and captains have been elected. Famous scientists are the inspiration with the yellow house (Darwin), blue (Celsius), red (Tesla) and green (Newton). Students are currently designing the emblems for their shields and many house points are being awarded for positive behaviour. Congratulations to house Newton who won the first overall points competition, they will receive a special treat during the house days at the end of term. Here are our Heads of Houses along with their captains proudly wearing their house colours.

IES Älvsjö Officially Opened

IES Älvsjö Officially Opened

Above: A tree-planting ceremony in Älvsjö marked the opening of Internationella Engelska Skolan’s newest school.

As the traditional apple tree was planted in the schoolyard, students were asked to take care of it as it grows, as a symbol of their learning and development.

Growing strong: One student from each house was chosen to help Mrs Bergström and Ms Björk plan the tree.

Mrs Barbara Bergström, the Founder and Vice Chairman of Internationella Engelska Skolan, told the assembled children: “I know that from here on out you are going to be part of something where you learn something new every day. You will progress, you will be proud of yourselves, you will be international citizens and be able to continue your education wherever you choose.

“I would like you to be very careful and monitor that tree.  Give it water when it needs to be watered, take care of it.  Would you promise me to do that? That’s an important symbol, you will watch that apple tree grow, and you will watch it bear fruit and that’s the way it is with learning, learning will also bear fruit in your lives.”

Students hear from their Principal, Ms Racheal-Ann Björk

The students also heard from their Principal,  Ms Racheal-Ann Björk.  She said: “From the time you have joined IES Älvsjö, we are now part of the IES family. Family is so much more than flesh and blood and siblings, family means taking care of each other, looking out for each other, supporting each other.

“This is not just a school, it’s a building where learning takes place, this is a building where hopes, dreams, aspirations, everything comes together and this is a building where we will make that happen for you.”

Internationella Engelska Skolan Älvsjö is the 30th school that IES has opened in Sweden.  The organisation is currently teaching 21,500 Swedish children, while more than 100,000 queue places for IES schools are occupied.

Students and families are largely attracted by what IES offers in its ethos:

  • A safe and orderly environment, where teachers can teach and students can learn.
  • High Academic Expectations.
  • Command of the English language.
Mrs Barbara Bergström, founder and vice-chairman of Internationella Engelska Skolan, speaks to students at IES Älvsjö

Four new IES schools are planned to open in August 2017, in Årsta, Södertälje, Helsingborg and Landskrona.

A Proud Day As Year Nine Students Graduate

A Proud Day As Year Nine Students Graduate

 As the summer holidays approached, students in year nine at schools across Sweden prepared to bid farewell for the last time.

For those attending Internationella Engelska Skolan, the event is marked by a grand occasion, a graduation ceremony featuring distinctive caps and gowns, where the achievements of students are honoured.

As well as speeches and awards, the ceremonies also feature music and joy, as proud parents witness their children passing a milestone and moving on to new challenges.

Mr Robert Clark, Principal of IES Enskede, addresses the graduating class

At Internationella Engelska Skolan Enskede, the original IES school, principal Mr Robert Clark spoke to his departing year nine students.

He told them: “A few months ago I got everyone together in the hall, but there weren't so many parents here, and we sat and I said - ‘Pretty soon you are going to be wearing these gowns and you are going to be asking yourselves the questions: Am I satisfied? Am I happy? Did I do my best? Am I going where I need to be?' and you listened, you have worked incredibly hard. I would like you to put your hands together for the teachers, because they have, not just this year, but in the years before, they have worked really hard for you.

"You have done fantastically well, I have very much enjoyed your company and interacting with you, I am very proud to have been your principal during your years at this school.  There are some amazing people in this room, and I am so sure that you are going to do great things, and I will be following you with interest."

Year nine graduate Felix Persson (right), formerly of class 9E at IES Enskede, won the school’s Ambassador Award for the contribution he has made to the atmosphere in the school.

After the ceremony he said:  "It was fun, it was nice to end, but I am also bit sad leaving friends and changing schools. Now I will be changing schools, moving away from English school and wrapping up having gone to the English school for six years.

"I was surprised to win an award, I didn't count on winning anything but it does fit, I like helping people and keeping people together, talking to different people."

IES Lund, which opened three years ago celebrated the graduation of its first ever grade nine class.

Mr Per Ola Olsson, Principal of IES Lund, speaks to his graduating class

The principal, Mr Per Ola Olsson said: "We have shown excellent results in both the grades and the  national tests.  It has been a successful year and I would like to thank all the students but especially my hard-working staff, who have made this possible. I really would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to all you who work at IES Lund, teachers, non-teaching staff, supervision, administration and student care, all of you who contribute so much to making this a great school."

The graduates and the assembled crowd in Lund were also addressed by their student representative (left), who said:  "I am really honoured to be the one holding the valedictorian speech of 2016. I am so excited to be standing here in front of all you people, my name is Beata Erici and we have just finished ninth grade.  Gathered here around me today I see my lovely classmates, we have worked so hard these two years and are now just looking forward to summer, and sun and the ability to use our phones again.  I can still remember those first awkward days when we all met, we were so worried about speaking English, dressing appropriately and  pronouncing Mr Neppelberg’s name correctly that we completely forgot that we were just a bunch of insecure teenagers."

After the summer a new set of grade nine students will step forward for the first time, ready to make the most of their last year with IES before it is their turn to graduate next summer.

Graduating Students Perform at IES Enskede