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Environment Survey

A majority of residents find the environment around Älvsjöstaden noisy Classes in year 5 have conducted a survey around Älvsjöstaden and Älvsjö Torg on noise level and traffic.

Data from over 500 responses, during four different times, were collected and the results showed that in most locations more than half of the respondents found the environment to be noisy and the traffic to be heavy. The results showed that people found the noise most disturbing in the areas around Älvsjövägen and the construction sites in Älvsjöstaden.

The project have given students insight into how data can be collected and analyzed as well as how you can display data to make it easy to understand. The image below shows how the results were compiled and displayed with red colors representing the areas where more than 3 out 4 respondents found the environment to be noisy or traffic to be heavy, and the orange areas showing areas where more than 1 out 2 respondents found the environment noisy and traffic to be heavy.



World Book Day

World Book Day

On Wednesday, 19 April, staff and students at IES Älvsö participated in events to celebrate World Book Day. On this day several events and activities took place to celebrate our love of reading.

Pictured you can see staff members dressed up as their favourite book characters and Guess Who posters where students guessed which staff members were hiding behind their favourite books to earn house points. The day also included Stop, Drop and Read, a Book Drive, and decorations featuring beloved quotes and memories associated with reading provided by members of staff.

It was a fun day had by all and we look forward to celebrating together again next year!


Invention Convention Project

Invention Convention Project


The science of matter and energy, and their properties and interactions in fields including mechanics, acoustics, optics, heat, electricity, magnetism, radiation, and atomic and nuclear science. Physics is the science of how things work.

Building Days

During week 6 and week 7 the students build projects that show what they have learned in the physics unit.

The entire journey of building days begun by collecting household useful waste materials like milk, pasta, juice cartons, boxes, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes and many more, generously donated by grade 4 and grade 5 students. (Of Course Empty :) ).

First the students were divided into groups. Next was time to put the thinking caps on and do some innovation. The students spend one full lesson to conceptualize an idea and plan possible course of action. They displayed their idea in a written plan, clear circuit diagram and step wise building process.

In the following lessons, students applied that knowledge to successfully incorporate each part into the physical project.Students included concepts they learned, such as how electricity, magnets, sound and light work.

The students were assessed on the basis of the following points in the project:

- electricity, magnets, light, sound

- followed a plan that they have written and drawn

- did not waste materials

- all team members participated


The Invention Convention project helped kids learn science the easy, creative and hands-on way by using stuffs you can easily find in house. It was a fun filled and exciting learning process.  Some of the projects are displayed in the school library and due to overwhelming response , the students even voted for the best three projects. The winners of the Science Project Competition is A Magnetic Ball Game made by students from grade 4.

The winning team members:

First Place: 4D  Enes Ugan, Signe Yhuel , Saga Stenqvist and Carl Sjöbacka   : THE MAGNETIC BALL GAME

Second Place:  4D Jennifer Popis, Elin Lundh, Nova Palm : THE DONUT CAR   

Third Place: 5A Ivar Oscarson, Fares Mohammad : HELP THE HEDGEHOG GAME

Thank you.  

Ms.Ghosh, Science Department.

Caribou Math contest

Caribou Math contest

On Thursday, January 19, 2017 a group of keen Grade 4 learners volunteered to take part in an international Mathematics competition titled Caribou Math Contest. The language of the contest is English and most of the children who participate are native English speakers. Our students scored very well in the contest, and one of our students scored in the top 3% out of the 5154 participants. Congratulations mathematicians, we are very proud of you!

For more information about this competition you can visit their website:

Math contest

Hour of Code

Hour of Code is one of the largest international, educational events of 2016, thousands of classrooms and millions of students worldwide took part in this event last week to help promote computer science education in the classroom. IES Älvsjö hosted our very own Hour of Code event on Wednesday, December 7th, close to 30 students joined in on this worldwide movement to promote technological literacy! Way to go coders, we appreciate your enthusiasm, keep up the great work!