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Update from Science department - February 2018

Grade 8 students participated in ‘Teknikåtta’ in week 7. A competition in technology, mathematics and science for grade 8 students in Sweden. Some took up a challenge to programme a robot and solve a ‘Robotic maze’.

For their current unit on ‘Body Systems’ Grade 7s are  learning about how Enzymes act as catalysts to accelerate the chemical reactions in our body.

Our juniors, grade 4 & 6 are learning about Environment, Recycling, reusing, waste management and packaging. Grades 4s and 5s made different things using recycled material from home. These creative figures are kept in our library for display.

Our Grade 4s are participating in ‘Sveriges Viktigaste tävling’- The Battery Hunt by collecting used up batteries and making sure they are recycled properly taking action towards cleaner environment. They have collected 60 kgs used batteries so far!  

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Socks for Stockholm Stadsmission charity!

Socks for Stockholm Stadsmission charity!

Before the Christmas period, our students have been collecting pairs of socks to help the Stockholm Stadsmission charity to help the homeless. In little over two weeks, we had collected over 4000 pairs, which is incredible!!!!  We intend to give these socks to the charity over the next two weeks.

Students in House Newton collected 866 pairs, House Tesla collected 956, House Darwin collected 1171 but the winners with a fantastic 1247 pairs collected were House Celsius. Congratulations!

On behalf of IES Älvsjö, the Heads of Houses would like to say a huge thank you to the parents and the students for this amazing effort.


Update from Modern languages department - January 2018

Students are currently reading the "Wonder" in year 6. As this novel has recently been made into a major motion picture, students have been invited to create an essay about the novel and enter it into a contest. Winners will be invited to go see the film together with a group of teachers.

During the fall term, the year 8 students created short stories highlighting different genres. A collection of these short stories have now been put on display in the library for the entire school to read and enjoy.

The Modern Languages Department, along with the Swedish Department, has also created a word wall on the fifth floor bulletin board. This will be changed monthly to highlight different words and common phrases in the various languages!

Student Work

Brochures for IES Älvsjö

Brochures for IES Älvsjö

Our Year 4 students have been busy writing brochures for IES Älvsjö in their English lessons.  The students worked hard to develop their English vocabulary, discussion skills and understanding of structure in writing.  Well done!

School Intake 2018

Dear parents, guardians and students,

For your information, the intake process for the new School year 2018 will start in January 2018. If you will be offered a place, you will receive a letter in the beggining of January. We will welcome new classes for Grade 4 only. For year 5 to 9, we only take students if someone is leaving us and sibling priorities goes first. 


New admission policy from January 1 2018

Internationella Engelska skolan has noticed an issue which has begun to affect our internal queuing system. The queues to our schools can be so long that a child born late in the year has no chance of receiving a place even if its parents register in the queue on the day the child is born.

Internationella Engelska skolan recognizes that this causes a problem from an equality perspective, as children born late in the year don´t have the same chance of obtaining a place in one of our schools. In order to address this, Internationella Engelska skolan has decided to change the method of registering in the queue.
From January 1, 2018 it will no longer be possible to register in the queue the same calendar year that a child is born. This means that children born 2018 will not be able to register in the queue until 2019. The queue will be open from February 1, 2019 for children born during 2018. For further information regarding these new rules, please contact the specific school you hope to register for.

For futher questions, please email:

Thank you.