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Important School Calendar Dates

We will be celebrating our first Year 9 graduation on Friday, 14 June.

Friday, 16 August: Year 4 students start

Monday, 19 August: All students start

Week 44: Höstlov

Tuesday, 17 December: Last day of fall term

Thursday, 9 January: First day of spring term

Week 9: Sportlov

Week 15: Easter

Thursday, 11 June: Last day of spring term

Science Fair

Älvsjö held our inaugural Science Fair in May.  Students were tasked, in teams, with creating a question - something that they didn't know already, wanted to discover and would be able to test a hypothesis with. The level of work and 'good Science' was excellent. Tests ranged through all of the subject areas, Biology, Chemistry and Physics and some even branched into Social and Psychological experiments! 

Story/Comic Contest Winners

Story/Comic Contest Winners

As part of our IES Älvsjö Book Day celebration the students wrote their own stories and comics during mentor time. There were two winners selected from each year group. Below are all of the winning authors along with their attached stories. Please read and enjoy the hard work of our very talented students!

Winning Authors

Year 4: Molly Dyson 4A and Dylan Astrom Sandell 4D

Year 5: Emelie Larsson 5B and Tomi Posci 5B 

Year 6: Büsra Ayranci 6A and Felix Johans Broddstedt 6A

Year 7:Nandhini Sivamani 7B Tor Hjertzell 7A

Year 8: Anna-Claire Bryson Forsberg 8B and Markus Näsvall 8A