Update from Science department - February 2018

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Grade 8 students participated in ‘Teknikåtta’ in week 7. A competition in technology, mathematics and science for grade 8 students in Sweden. Some took up a challenge to programme a robot and solve a ‘Robotic maze’.

For their current unit on ‘Body Systems’ Grade 7s are  learning about how Enzymes act as catalysts to accelerate the chemical reactions in our body.

Our juniors, grade 4 & 6 are learning about Environment, Recycling, reusing, waste management and packaging. Grades 4s and 5s made different things using recycled material from home. These creative figures are kept in our library for display.

Our Grade 4s are participating in ‘Sveriges Viktigaste tävling’- The Battery Hunt by collecting used up batteries and making sure they are recycled properly taking action towards cleaner environment. They have collected 60 kgs used batteries so far!  

Image source: https://www.batterijakten.se/om