Teater X, Stockholm


This week IES Älvsjö Swedish department has launched our Skapande skola (Creative school) project. The theme we chose: “What’s going on in social media?” is highly relevant from the students’ perspective - and from ours as an educational institution. We have established a very rewarding collaboration with Teater X. This theatre company has given us a wonderful introduction into “playback”, a type of improvisational theatre in which the actors play back stories that the audience - our students - share during the performance. To experience and to be part of a play in the making is something quite extraordinary. Next, all classes will have their own workshops together with both actors and a musician. After a final workshop produced by the students themselves, we will continue working with the theme during Swedish lessons. We are grateful for the support from Kulturrådet (the Arts Council) that enabled us to incorporate the energy and inspiration provided by the Teater X. 

- Ms. Ramberg, Swedish & SVA Teacher


(photos by Ms. Palmkvist, Swedish Teacher)