Reflections of the End of the Term

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From the Principal

Where has the time gone! It is now the near the end of our first term in the 2018-2019 academic year.  It has been a year of change, a change in leadership and staff. What has not changed is our commitment to academic excellence, our rules and structure and our belief that every child can succeed. We are proud of the work our students have completed this term.  We are proud of the hard work our staff puts in every day to ensure all students can access the learning and enjoy challenge. We are proud of our first class of Year 9 students as they navigate the maze of final grades, national tests and gymnasium choices.

I am excited to be the leader of this organisation.  As a member of the management team since the beginning, I know the challenges we face and also the strengths we have.  I am originally from Wisconsin, USA but moved to the UK for my university education and teaching experience. My Swedish experience started at IES Karlstad and has continued to IES Älvsjö.  I am committed to ensuring that staff, students and guardians feel valued at IES Älvsjö. As we all know, our students can only be successful when we work together.

I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season.  We will say goodbye for the term on Tuesday, 18 December and we welcome our students back on Thursday, 10 January.