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This sunny afternoon, 19th September 2018, the International English school in Älvsjö had its very first school jog.

The day started with the 7-9 grade students following their regular schedule until after lunch when they walked together to the Älvsjö woods.

Around two o’clock, the seventh graders stood outside, waiting for the signal so they could start. Only a minute after the signal, it was the eighth graders turn and not far after that, the ninth graders were ready to start. Some students were very motivated and wanted to represent the school in Cross Country, which you could see as they ran past the other students many times!

The average number of students walked calmly, talking with their friends, but did their best to walk as many laps as they could. Then there were some students who were motivated to represent our school, or just didn’t want to walk or run on the path, so they decided to take a faster and shorter way through the woods and there were some students who stood on the side and cheered on every runner who ran past.

Around three o’clock, the last student had finished running, and at this time the rest of the 7-9 graders were waiting patiently to go home.


But at the end of the day, our school had 18 winners.

Congratulations to Selma 7d, Elsa 7d, Sofia 7 c, Zander 7 d, Ludvig 7a, Arian 7b all in grade 7.  Winners of grade 8 were: Elsa Wennerstrand 8A, Madeleine Edlund 8D, Emma Helenius Redon 8 A, Rungoyo Wgunya 8D, Filip Dryselius 8B, Leo Rosen 8B. Finally the winners of grade 9: Livia Ryden 9B, Alicia Schandl 9B, Alva Perzanowski 9 B,  Klas Näsvall 9A, Filippos Adamidis 8B, Ludwig Berglind 9A. They are all going to represent IES Älvsjö at Cross Country 2018.


Lovisa Dellmark

House captain of Darwin