Chess success for IESÄ students

Chess success for IESÄ students

During the weekend of 8/9 October two of our student took home medals from the Swedish national chess championships in Lindesberg. Hampus Sörensen (7B) came third in his category, whilst Felix Ytterberg (6C) was runner-up. A great achievement when you consider they were competing against the best chess players from the whole of Sweden. Well done!

Here are some facts about our chess masters:

How long have you been playing chess?

  • Felix - 6 years
  • Hampus - 3 years

How often do you play chess?

  • Felix - every day
  • Hampus - every day

What is the attraction with playing chess?

  • Felix - It’s strategic and I find it interesting.
  • Hampus - It’s strategic and I like to out-think my opponent

Do you have any tips for beginners?

  • Felix - Join a chess club
  • Hampus - Play as much as possible

Are you better at chess than your parents?

  • Felix - Yes (after a slight pause for thought)
  • Hampus - Yes absolutely (no pause)