PTA - Parent Teacher Association

Purpose of PTA

PTA is a non-profit association consisting of dedicated and enthusiastic parents who work towards the development of the students and betterment of the school. PTA lays focus primarily on a well-functioning school and education system. PTA works closely with the school to improve and enhance the children's schooling so that each school day becomes much more interesting and meaningful.

PTA's goals according to the association's statutes

The purpose of the association together with the school is to create the best possible conditions for the children’s development, work environment and learning. As a part of this, the association participates if necessary in the school's systematic quality work. The association also strives to arrange interesting activities for students and parents.

The association works actively to counteract all forms of discrimination and is politically & religiously independent.

The association does not take up individual student matters.


Who we are

Board members in 2021-22

  • Chairman: Edvin Simmingsköld
  • Vice chairman: Sverker Brundin 
  • Secretary: Caterina Barrera
  • Cashier: Marlene Eriksson
  • Board member: Katarina Sylvan
  • Board member: Sumith Bathla
  • Board member: Frida Wahlberg
  • Supplementary member: Sofi Hermansson 

In addition, we have active representatives from almost all classes at the school.


What and how we work

The board and class representatives have regular meetings with the school management and discuss current issues and plan different activities. Minutes from every meeting is posted at Schoolsoft.

 PTA organizes meaningful lectures for parents and students, as well as fun events such as Christmas disco, Valentine's Day disco, movie show and prom night for the nine graders.

PTA gives a financial contribution to the school's smaller projects for the benefit of the students, for example, prizes for various competitions.

PTA has contributed to the purchase of audio equipment to be used for activities for example the disco etc.

How do we collect money

Collecting money is done through membership fees and collection from, for example, the sale of snacks in connection with various activities.


  • Our association welcomes new members.
  • The membership fee is SEK 200. Pay via Swish 123 662 3300 or QR code mentioned below. Enter your name and your child's name and class.

Other information

  • See SchoolSoft under the heading News for more information.
  • If you have any thoughts, suggestions or inquires, you are always welcome to contact your PTA representative or any PTA board member.


Contact the Chairman, Edvin Simmingskold at